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  • What We Offer.

    Huboxt works with small and big businesses as well as with individuals, helping them to bring their crazy and daring ideas to life.

    We are using different programming languages and at Huboxt we’re fluent in all of the latest tech which allows us to build products that improve functionality, stay reliable, and develop with time.

  • Refine brands with new style
    #branding #identity development #brand guidelines

    Your brand says everything about you. Isn’t it time for a design that reflects the quality of your product?

    We create memorable visual identities that form an essential competitive edge.

    Huboxt can help you with:

    • - design an eye-popping site
    • - develop your brand guidelines
    • - suport you with catchy infographics, email templates, logos
  • Build digital product for everyday use
    #website development #mobile app #front-end development #back-end development #responsive interface development

    Using extensive research, data and testing we design creative and easy-to-use human-oriented solutions. Our development process is always backed up by the latest technologies.

    Huboxt can help you with:

    • - create web & mobile applications
    • - build new digital products from the bottom up
    • - upgrade existing solutions to cope with new demands
  • Human Experience Design
    #websites #user interfaces #mobile app #design systems #prototyping #illustrations

    Our process allows us to prototype complex ideas quickly and accurately, that can be easily transformed into fully functional solutions and scalable systems.

    Huboxt can help you with:

    • - create a user-oriented UI/UX design
    • - design a services that makes life better
    • - introduce website that works fot your business
What we can help you with
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    Web and Mobile
    The fast changing world of web development has expanded our skill set and has made us experienced in all major ui frameworks, which makes your application look nice and modern while being and fast.
  • step2
    Most of our products are hosted by AWS cloud platform, but we’re enough experienced and flexible to made best decision in terms of performance, cost and setup effort and can bring your product to live on any custom hardware.
  • step3
    We wrap your ideas into an intuitive, logical user experience with trendy and beautiful user interfaces which looks and works flawless on all devices and resolutions.
  • step4
    Data Engineering
    We definitely know how to create additional value from you data by producing automated reporting of varying complexity.
  • step5
    Our server-side development experience is about making products that work smoothly, meet all business requirements, optimised, safe and secured. Deep understanding how things work internally helps our solutions be effective as possible.
  • step6
    Product Management
    As a part of customer requirements and our internal agreements we try to use best practices in splitting up, planning, grooming and releasing our work. Our goal to make our team efficient and open for customers.
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